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Advantages To Becoming A Distributor

The decision to become a distributor for Defense By Georgi Madison is nothing short of a life-changing opportunity. We have invented and brought to market a singularly unique patented invention with unlimited potential in a two billion dollar a year industry.

We do no selling ourselves. Instead, we supply distributors with products to create the ultimate business opportunity.

There are so many avenues for distribution of Defense By Georgi Madison -- our market is every male and female 30 years of age and over -- that is a great many people!

Arenas for distribution include beauty salons, spas, nail salons, and mall kiosks, which are incredibly profitable. We are happy to counsel you on different distribution venues.

Defense By Georgi Madison complies with all FDA Guidelines, is completely safe, and is produced in an independent, FDA-licensed laboratory here in the United States. Technically, Defense By Georgi Madison is not a drug so it does not require the “Long Version" of FDA approval.

Defense By Georgi Madison trumpets in a new era of anti-aging technology. There has never been anything like it, ever! And that includes Botox! How would you have liked to be in on the ground floor of selling Botox? Defense By Georgi Madison will soon be a household name bigger than Botox, Viagra, or Phen-Fen. It’s a far superior product to Botox.

The main advantages of Defense By Georgi Madison are not just the instant results and turning back the clock 10-15 years that leads to orders, but re- orders! Monthly residual income is wonderful!

Once people begin to look 10-15 years younger, they will continue to re-order and tell their friends about their “Discovery”. So whatever your initial profits, they will grow exponentially.

They say that 5% of the public are leaders and 95% are followers. If you are in the 5% and understand that we are the only ones with a topical solution that gives the benefit of a brow lift, face lift, and Botox, then we want you! Inquire by phone or email to see if your territory is still available.



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