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Compare Defense

Over the Counter Cosmetics: 
Department Stores and other stores are filled to the brim with all kinds of “anti-aging” cosmetics. They usually promise to show some results over a period of time, then more results over a longer period of time. We feel this is to keep the customers “Re-Ordering”. If you examine the ingredients, most don’t have anything that will reverse the signs of aging. Some include some very mild Alpha Hydroxy Acids, just enough to keep it “Over the Counter”, but not, in our opinion, enough to give any real results.

Botox works by paralyzing muscles with botulism toxin. Injections per area (For example eyebrows), can cost between $150.00-$600.00 every 4 months depending on whether the test subject is female or male, how large the muscles are, etc. All botox really does is to prevent a subject from squinting, relaxing the wrinkles around the eyes and between the brows. Defense by Georgi Madison, on the other hand, freezes the brows AND elevates them to a more youthful position. In addition, it smoothes out any forehead wrinkles. Customers can also control their results. They can flare their brows or elevate them, and if they raise too much, they can simply try again.

Sculptra, Restylane, Perlane, and other fillers:
These fillers do have their place, and, in our opinion, work. However, the results vary drastically and are heavily dependent on the administering physician’s talent. In addition, they only address very limited areas (for example, nasobial folds), are very costly, last a short time and do no lifting. Also, if you get too much, you are stuck with it. Defense by Georgi Madison, on the other hand, gives the appearance of a fill. For example, instead of filling nasobial folds, Defense by Georgi Madison makes them disappear.

Chemical or Laser Skin Resurfacing:
This relatively expensive and painful procedure is used for uneven skin tone and for wrinkles. Once again, results vary, from no results to good ones. The procedure does no lifting however. The brows stay in the same position, the nasobial folds stay, the jowls stay, etc. Defense by Georgi Madison immediately eliminates wrinkles, even enlarged pores, without any of the pain, downtime, or expense.

A lot has been made lately of the “Thermage”, “Thermacool” procedure, and this is an important segway into our product. Thermage uses radio-waves to burn the dermis, supposedly “damaging” the collagen enough to cause it to produce new collagen, and the resulting skin contraction. The dermis is cooled, severely heated, then cooled. Physicians have invested a lot of money into this technology and need to re-coup it. We have found no test subjects of any kind from any source who can report a perceptible increase in skin contraction. The US average for the Thermage procedure is approximately $2500.00 and is by all accounts very painful. Defense by Georgi Madison does exactly what the Thermage people claim, yet with Defense by Georgi Madison, it is perceptible, instantaneous, and can be measured -- in other words, scientific.

Brow Lift:
As we age, our forehead skin expands, creating wrinkles and causing the eyebrows to “Droop”. This give a tired look. To correct this, surgeons perform a procedure called a “Brow Lift”. It involves going under anesthesia, where the surgeon cuts the skin at the hair line and literally lifts if off the skull, pulling it up, cutting off the excess skin, and redraping it on the skull, resulting in elevated eyebrows. The costs vary. The US average is approximately $5,000.00 for this procedure and involves a lot of pain and downtime. Once again, the expertise of the surgeon is of paramount importance, because if he pulls it up too far, you are semi-permanently stuck with a “Scared” look and you can’t re-do it. Likewise, if he doesn’t pull enough up, you are out $5,000.00. Defense by Georgi Madison, on the other hand, CONTRACTS the forehead skin cells, bringing them closer to each other, lifting the brows to a more youthful position, all in a few minutes, and you control it.

Mid-Face Lift:
Same as above, except that with a mid-face lift, this is usually indicated for deep nasobial folds and cheekbone area fat drooping. We feel that it is far superior to contract all of the skin cells and lift the area, as opposed to cutting in, pulling, and hoping that you don’t get a “Wind Tunnel” effect.

Neck Lift:
Same as Brow and Mid-face Lift.



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